Orange Is The New Black - Spanky Junior - Black Paddle
What a great little paddle for pink-bottom fun! Its ergonomic handle creates an easy grip, and its smooth paddle surface provides just the right mix of pleasure and pain.
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Renegade Bondage - Paddle - Black Paddle
Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games. We got everything you want, like blindfolds, whips and chains. Masculine design and construction for the ultimate master and slave accessories. Durable vinyl construction means it is easy to clean, easy...
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Raging Stallion Jack Boot Over The Knee Paddle - Boot Shaped Paddle
Now available in the ''Over The Knee'' size. Perfect for bending that naughty partner over your knee and spanking up close and personal. Nothing says ''I care'' like a swift kick in the ass. This pine and oak wood paddle...
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Scandal Paddle - Black/Red Paddle
Punish and please with this elegantly designed Scandal Paddle. Being a dominant requires knowing how to both punish and reward your submissive, and this paddle delivers both in one double-stitched, dual sided, sturdy design. When your submissive disobeys you or...
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KINK The Enforcer - Clear 45.7 cm (18'') Acrylic Paddle with Silicone Handle
Discipline is key. The Enforcer's strong shatterproof material is impact-tested to deliver the hardest hits every time it lands. This paddle's visually stimulating clear impact surface leaves nothing to the imagination as it connects with vulnerable flesh with an incredible...
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Sinful - Forked Paddle - Pink Paddle
Sinful Forked Paddle is a vinyl paddle with an attractive 6-inch embossed handle for firm grip - ideal for intense spankings and resounding smacks! Available in pink and black.Product Material: Vinyl / Leather
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Chrystalino Tail - Clear Glass Butt Plug with Tail Whip
The unique sculptured form of this beautifully handcrafted classy butt plug has been designed for anal play! This premium model has a double function with its faux leather whip/tail finish for even more kinky possibilities!- Product dimensions: 50 x 5.5...
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Sinful - Whip - Black Whip
Sinful has been THE name in affordable playful kink in pink. Now, Sinful just made 'sexy' a little bit sexier! NS Novelties is excited to introduce Sinful: Black. Everyone's favourite collection is now available in a stunning midnight black finish...
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Fetish Fantasy Series Bedrooom Bondage Kit - Black Bondage Kit - 12 Piece Set
Explore each other's naughtier side with this all-in-one beginner's bondage kit. Perfect for couples who've always wanted to try bondage, this kit has everything you need to start having fun with fetish. This kit includes: ankle straps, wrist restaints, leather...
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Fetish Fantasy Gold Cat O' Nine - Black Whip
Show your partner who's in charge with this elegant Cat-O-Nine Tails. Thirty leather tresses snap to attention when you flick this flogger across their tender skin. Perfectly balanced with a solid handle and no-slip grip, this flogger is perfect for...
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Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Lover's Fantasy Kit - Bondage Kit - 3 Piece Set
Looking for the perfect beginner's bondage kit? Look no further!Explore each other's naughty side with the incredible Lover's Fantasy Kit. This all-in-one starter kit includes a leather cat o'nine tails, metal handcuffs with keys, and a FREE satin love mask....
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